Red Ironbark Timber

(Eucalyptus fibrosa)

red ironbark

Red Ironbark (RIB) grows mainly along the coastal districts of NSW and Queensland and extending inland as far as the western slopes of NSW.
Heartwood for Red Ironbark is red to dark red in colour. By contrast, its sapwood is a distinctive pale yellow in colour. The timber's texture is fine and even with an interlocked grain. It is extremely hardwearing and highly durable, allowing for wide range of external applications. However the timber is very hard to work.

Common Uses
Because of its excellent durability and strength this timber lends itself well for numerous applications including, rail sleepers, power poles for electricity authorities, piling for marine and foundation use, cross arms, decking, landscape timbers, and all sawn timber uses.

Red Ironbark has a durability rating of class 1 above ground (AG) and class 1 in ground (IG).
It is resistant to termites and is not susceptible to the Lyctid borer.

Structural Grade
Unseasoned: Available in F22, F17 and F14
Seasoned: Available in F34, F27 and F22

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