Grey Ironbark Timber

(Eucalyptus paniculata, E.siderophloia, E.decepta)

grey ironbark

Grey Ironbark (GIB) grows in the coastal districts of NSW and Queensland.
Colour of the heartwood varies from pale brown to dark chocolate, brown & dark red and the sapwood is lighter in colour with an average sap band of 20mm.
Being a very dense timber working with Grey Ironbark is extremely difficult.

Common Uses
Grey Ironbark timber is commonly used for rail sleepers, power poles, piling for both marine and foundation, cross arms, decking, landscaping timbers and is ideally suited to sawn timber.

Grey Ironbark has a durability rating of class 1 above ground (AG) and class 1 in ground (IG).
It is resistant to termites and is not susceptible to the Lyctid borer.

Structural Grade
Unseasoned: Available in F22, F17 and F14
Seasoned: Available in F27 and F22

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