Turpentine Timber

(Syncarpia glomulifera, S. laurifolia)

turpentine timber

Turpentine grows in the coastal areas of NSW and in the east coast areas of Queensland. Turpentine gets its name from the small amount of resin in its bark.
It has the reputation to being one of the hardest Australian timbers to burn.
The true wood of this species ranges in colour from deep red to red-brown. Sapwood is distinctively paler, often creamy. The texture of Turpentine timber is fine to medium.
Because of the high silica content in the heartwood, all cutting blades and saws are quickly blunted and will need to be sharpened frequently.

Common Uses
Turpentine timber is used for marine piling with the bark being left on to offer extra protection, wharf and bridge decking and flooring are other uses for this timber.

Turpentine has a durability rating of class 1 above ground (AG) and class 2 in ground (IG)
Turpentine is not susceptible to the Lyctid borer and is termite resistant.

Structural Grade
Unseasoned: Available in F17 and F14
Seasoned: Available in F22, F17 and F14

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