Tallowwood Timber

(Eucalyptus microcorys)

tallowwood timber

Tallowwood (TW) is a large tree of the coast and coastal ranges from Newcastle in New South Wales to Maryborough in Queensland.
The heartwood of the Tallowwood ranges in colour from pale to dark yellow-brown, with the occasional tinges of olive green with the sap an off white colour.

Common Uses
Tallowwood is suitable for use for power poles, piling for both marine and foundation, jetty and wharf construction, rail sleepers, cross arms, decking, landscaping timbers and all sawn timber applications.

Tallowwood has a durability rating of class 1 above ground (AG) and class 1 in ground (IG).
It is susceptible to the Lyctid borer but termite resistant.

Structural Grade
Unseasoned: Available in F22, F17 and F14
Seasoned: Available in F27, F22 and F17

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