Clarence Valley Timbers is located on the east coast of New South Wales, our location gives us access to some of the best hardwood timber in Australia.

Overall, we work hard to supply the best sawn timber and hardwood piles to our customers. We start with the best quality hardwood timber that we source from our supply mills in New South Wales and Queensland. To appropriately meet a range of client needs, we can provide hardwood timber that has been treated with CCA with a strength up to H6, and ACQ to H4.

Clarence Valley Timbers is a specialist supplier for all foundation and marine hardwood piles to the Australian market. Through our freight distribution network we can arrange delivery to any state within Australia to meet our customers needs.

Hardwood timber we supply includes:

Specialty timber is available upon request. This range of hardwood is well suited for a number of jobs, and Clarence Valley Timbers takes pride in catering to clients of all sizes, supplying the best quality hardwood timber for any job.

For more information about our hardwood timber for wharves, jetties or beyond, please visit our timber products page. We will be happy to answer any questions via our contact page or by calling: 0423 255 478.